Team Infood

The Infood team currently consists of Daniel Svensson and Parisa Khosravi, mutually described as passionate about disruptive tech innovation as a way of creating social change. In short, while both entrepreneurs, Parisa is the business expert while Daniel is more design-savvy.

As big fans of our blue little dot, being aware about the impact food has on the environment, we realize that some intervention is crucial for our continued health or even survival. This makes the environmental issue a large part of the basic purpose behind Infood. We believe that everyone wants to make good choices, we just lack the necessary tools. Let’s change that!

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We are looking for new talented colleagues who, like us, see the potential and possibilities of Infood and would like to contribute to our goal. Right now, we are primarily looking for developers and are in need of both front-end and back-end super skills to make the best iOS and Android app ever!


While making it easier to make informed decisions related to what we buy and eat, we simultaneously empower the consumer, create awareness and promote knowledge. Together we are able to enhance the growing trend of sustainable food production and consumption, making our planet and its resources last longer.


We believe in freedom and responsibility in meeting our goals. This means flexible work hours and an open office environment. Working with Infood is both experimental and professional, while always striving for top-notch quality.


Stockholm University Incubator
Villa Bellona, Frescati, Stockholm