Add filters or tailor your own to warn about ingredients that are not suitable for you.


Scan the barcode of the product with the camera on your smartphone or search manually.


Infood shows all the information you need about ingredients and nutrition based on your profile.

Infood provides the effortless option to be selective and make good choices, for yourself, your family and the environment — without the time-consuming and tedious endeavor of scrutinizing every product, ingredient or producer. Our goal is to facilitate buying decisions for those who want to make informed and sustainable lifestyle choices.


  • Your choice

    Infood is all about making it easier to eat the way you want. Find out what’s in your food and where it comes from

  • Clarify

    What do all those addatives and E-numbers really mean? Infood gives you the fast and straight answer

  • Statistics

    Track your daily habits and your environmental impact. Set targets and quotas as tools for various diets or just for fun

  • Allergies

    Add warnings for products containing nuts, gluten or any other allergens

  • Vegetarian or vegan

    Infood keeps track of all products and ingredients of animal origin

  • Translate

    Get all the information, ingredients and nutritional values in your preferred language

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